I been setting sails for north, going down the stream
Failed to take the wind with me
Now I am lost at sea

CHORUS: Despite all my complaints I´m still stuck in the same old night and day I´m preparing to get away, my shoes are cleaned the passport´s packed a map under my bed. The benefit of being young – is that you can faster run.

1) Somehow, somewhere, I swear, I'll be maybe the part of a homeless, rootless tree. I go wherever the wind is swaying, my dreams are going and my mind is fading, but always I will travel by touching the ground.

1) Promise me you ́ll never come to England, it just takes your heart and you ́ll never find back home.
Now I ́m facing old houses and I ́m desperately waiting to be invited in.

1) Do you still remember the dreams that you had as a child that got shattered in front of your eyes when you were just about to believe they would come true?
But these words by your hero helping making amends for every mistake you ́ve made – and oh damn I ́ve made so many!

1) Don´t you ever kind of wish that the world could turn faster, so that you´re blind for all the things that you don´t wanna see? ´Cause you´re too good, too old, too young for all that shit.

It already feels like dying, the only thing that kept me trying
is running down the road it got hit it got hit and there ́s roadkill again
the only thing I ever needed, the only thing I truly loved
I ́ll never be truly home until I ́ve found what I already got.

1) All the cities that you´ve met equals people that you´ve lost, 'cause they never got to see you since you´re always on the run.

I'll leave my home in Austria, following the road beneath my feet
I ́ll leave my home in Austria, following the road beneath my feet
Where does it lead?

CHORUS: And our dreams scream and shout from inside out, 'cause they just don't wanna be so easily forgotten.
We better insist on impossible dreams, than wait until the world doesn't revolve anymore.